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General questions is a web effort that supports several research projects that depend on a web interface to maximize access to all required data.

It is mainly constituted by research and audit projects.

It is currently prepared to work as a data collecting tool for researchers (like SPSS or MS Access) and other users (like Google Forms). aims to minimize wasted time on data transcription from paper to pc applications, reducing all mistakes that usually happen during data collecting and transcriptions.
If you are involved or intend to be in a research project and will need web forms to insert your data ou request a population to fill a form, the first step is to contact us to analyse this possibility.
Database is a set of related tables that provide a meaning and order to project data. Simple examples include a table that contains form data, a table that specifies some variable information, or a table that specifies all the options for a multiple choice variable.
Forms allow data collected from several sources to be inserted in the respective database. The most frequently used resources are paper sheets, then transcribed to excel/spss files with huge horizontal lines, sometimes unreadable, carried through pen drives or sent by e-mail from one location to another daily. allows for researchers to access forms in any part of the world from his computer, tablet or cell phone, as long as it has internet access.
Despite being redundant to the database table relating to the data collected, lists are views above those same tables, formatted, and rapidly accessible to all researchers. They allow to verify inserted data and plan small corrections.
With the forms inserting data directly at the final database and properly converted, these tables are always updated and accessible, the last feature of this web interface is a set of frequencies and other indicators calculated live, instantaneously and always up to date. From the very beginning of the project, we can always see any result that we need without performing any request to the application. In just one second and with a single click, all indicators are show on screen.

Register and Login register purpose is to protect database access from ill intended users. Only approved researchers can register and then login to access their data.
If you cannot login, you can use "Reset password" option (inside login menu) and the recover procedure will be send to your registed e-mail.
Even after you login, this has to be manually authorized by the administrator, and only then the proper accesses are set. Register is not an automated process.